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We match your organization with high-quality startups and get them to apply to your program.
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Sourcing the best startups for you

Define the profile of an ideal startup, and we'll not only find the best candidates, but we'll also reach them out directly from your email, and get them to apply to your program.


We provide a tailored research service by finding relevant startups for your program.


We save you time in organizing your event by finding high-quality speakers for your audience.


Being from the startup world ourselves, we know how and whom to pitch your accelerator.
"We particularly liked the responsiveness of the team and the quality of their work. FYZ helped us be more effective by automating a time-consuming process."
Oana Vrabie - Marketing & Communication

How we work

  • Kick-off meeting
    A good brief is essential to set targets and understand what makes a candidate ideal for you.
  • Scouting sprints
    Our analysts will fine-tune our proprietary technology to crawl the internet for relevant startups.
  • Selection process
    A tight selection process will ensure to filter and enrich the right candidates with actionable information.
  • Reach-out
    High response rates are guaranteed as we directly reach out to entrepreneurs with finely targeted messages from your corporate email.
  • Delivery
    All the responses are automatically redirected to your email, so you can instantly get in touch, answer questions and start converting.

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